2 Aquarium Fish Water Fountain Pump Options To Choose From

An aquarium fish water fountain pump is an essential part of any Aquaponics system. The basic principle behind a successful Aquaponics system is the circulation of water between the grow bed and the fish tank. Without this, your fish wouldn’t be able to thrive, and nor would your plants. But for proper water circulation, you need a reliable water pump. And we have got 2 of the best options for you…


 VicTsing® 80 GPH Submersible Pump Aquarium Fish Tank Powerhead Fountain Water

 PP40006 : 400 GPH, Submersible, Aquaponics/Hydroponics/Fountain/Pond/Aquarium Pump

And now to check out the two individually…

#1: VicTsing® 80 GPH Submersible Pump Aquarium Fish Tank Powerhead Fountain Water
 This first one is a current bestseller among fish tank water pumps. It has a capacity of 80 GPH. And that can be quite convenient for people wanting to set up a small Aquaponics system for home use. But besides the size factor, there are a few other factors too that make this a good buy:

  • It is a quiet water pump – so no distracting noise for you.
  • You can actually adjust the rate of water flow according to your needs.
  • The pump is quite small and inconspicuous, and can be hidden easily.

In addition to the above, the mounting is also particularly advantageous. Instead of using sealants and oils that get messy and can contaminate the water, this one actually attaches with the help of suction caps – that can be used to attach it either horizontally or vertically.

Enough said about the manufacturer’s claims, now let’s check out what the customers had to say about this:

  • It is easy and convenient to set up for the first time and put to use. Also the connector plugs are the right size and specs to be used in common outlets.
  • Being very powerful for its small size, this one can be a great bargain – since you can use it for small to midsize fish tanks.
  • This pump can actually be cleaned if you carefully pull apart the housing. This means that you have a long lasting tank that you can maintain properly.
As for the rest of the reviews, go and check out Amazon. Going by the best-seller status, there are a lot of reviews, and pretty helpful ones. So – once you do zero in on this one, don’t forget to check out the price on Amazon. Currently there’s a more than 50% discount – and you should grab whatever deal you get!
Now, that was a pump that can be used for small aquariums or Aquaponics systems. But the pump doesn’t have enough power to drive a big system. For that, you can check out this next one…

#2: VicTsing® 80 GPH Submersible Pump Aquarium Fish Tank Powerhead Fountain Water
 As mentioned above, the last pump, at 80 GPH did have its limitations when you consider a larger Aquaponics system. You may want to increase the system you already have, or you may want a commercial system. Either way, you need a bigger pump. And this one at 400 GPH is definitely a lot more powerful!

  • These pumps have been built to last heavy use for years to come.

  • Also, since the water never comes in contact with any exposed copper, or harmful and toxic substances, this one is completely safe for your fish.

Besides these factors, you get the same pump – with the same attributes in a variety of sizes, all reliable. That means, when you want to upsize, you can easily upgrade your pump too – without worrying about quality once again.

And now we’ll take a look at reviews just to make sure:

  • Many reviewers have tried and tested this for Aquaponics systems with highly positive results. It floods the grow bed quite efficiently.
  • It doesn’t consume very much power – helping you to save on electricity bills.
  • This one is also attachable with suction cups that make setting it up easy. Also you can simply plug it in and turn it on – no assembly needed!
Again, there are quite a few reviews on Amazon that you should check out before you decide to buy. But when you do – go with Amazon… because the discounts and deals are really the best you will get!
An aquarium fish water fountain pump is one of the absolutely essential things you will need to get to set up your Aquaponics system. And even if your earlier pump is starting to give up – you are bound to find one match amongst these two. So, take your pick and place your orders!

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