Check Out These Aquaponics Worms: Do’s And Don’ts

Aquaponics systems are usually great thrive beds for worms – you must surely be wondering why. After all, after a heavy rain, if you have ever checked the soil, you’ll find all the worms emerge out into the open. You’d think that they were averse to the soil filling up with the water. And that presents quite a problem in aquaponics, where there is water in the grow bed for quite some time. But the aquaponics worms: do’s and don’ts discussion is set to put all your worries to rest! Let’s see why…

Don’t worry about worms in your aquaponics system! Here’s why

Firstly, contrary to what it seems, the worms do not actually emerge out due to the presence of excess water. The fact is that worms aren’t really bothered by the water logging as such. When the water fills up the soil, it actually drives out all oxygen – and that’s why the worms emerge. But in an aquaponics system, the water only floods the grow bed intermittently. In the interim, the grow bed is saturated with oxygen. Also, the water that enters is highly oxygenated. The result is that the worms thrive.

Another concern many people have is that the worms may be carrying pathogens like E. Coli which would make the edibles you grow unfit for consumption. But the truth is the exact opposite. There is no fear of E.Coli, in fact, the worms actually ensure that other pathogens are also eradicated from the grow bed.

And finally, let’s take a look at some of the Do’s

How can you get the worms? Well, the best option is to pick them up at an aquaponics store or order them online. And once they arrive – be sure to release them into the grow bed as soon as possible. That’s really all you need to do. The worms burrow their way inside the surface with surprising speed!

Another thing to do is to not keep checking for the worms. They will thrive – believe us. There is enough oxygen and dead plant material for them to feed on. But don’t expect to see them. They’ll always remain hidden from view. The only time you should expect to see them is if you pull out a plant. You’ll find them entwined in the roots.

And the best part about having worms in your aquaponics system is that they serve multiple useful purposes as well. Firstly, they help to break down the fish waste as well as the dead plant waste – thereby providing it as easy food for the plants and provide better water filtration. Also the presence of the worms helps in a process called vermicompost – this prevents both plant sickness.

The bottom line to consider when discussing aquaponics worms: do’s and don’ts is that they are actually highly good for your aquaponics system as they share a symbiotic relationship with it. So, for the health of your system and your plants, consider getting some worms. You will find that your plants and fish are healthier!