Hydro Clay Pebbles: Pick The Best Specimens Today!

When you grow plants in an aquaponics system, the grow bed or medium is very important. This is because the growth of your plants depends on it. The plants should be able to take root in it. At the same time, these should also house the all-important bacteria that turn the fish waste to plant food. And of course, there is always the situation that you do not want loose soil that can mix with the water and get circulated back to your fish tank. That is an absolute no-no. So – as you can tell, this media needs to be of a special kind. And the best possible material to use is actually hydro clay pebbles.

bttnNow you must be thinking what is so special about these ‘pebbles’? We’ll take a look now:

  • These pebbles are actually made of organic material. The material is shaped and then roasted in a kiln at temperatures reaching 11-1200 degrees Celsius. This very high heat ensures that the finish is rough, and the insides are porous. This allows the pebbles to retain water, helping in the growth of the necessary bacteria on the uneven surfaces.

  • Also the porous material traps air as the water slowly drains out of it. This results in proper aeration of the water as it passes through these pebbles.

  • Sometimes, the nutrient solution in the water or that which you add requires oxygenation – and these stones allow for that.

  • The surfaces of these pebbles being uneven and rough, they are perfect for your plant roots to adhere and fix to. Therefore they act as great growing mediums.

  • They are also unreactive as they are baked at very high temperatures.Thus they do not in any way affect the pH of your aquaponics system.
Now that you have seen exactly why these are one of the best choices for aquaponics growing medium – you need to now look at choosing the right products. After all, many manufacturers can claim that they are selling you top quality ‘pebbles’ but that will not make them hydro clay ones. But here are the real things for you:

Hydro Clay Pebbles (Leca) Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 10 lbs.

These are the real thing, proper pebbles made of baked hydro clay. They are certified to be the best medium for any aquaponics garden. In fact, they can also be used for hydroponics or even for normal container gardening. This is because the pebbles offer seamless drainage.

In fact, these have been tried and tested by many happy customers, who have all said that they were very happy with how these pebbles performed in their water-based gardens! In this bag, you get 10 pounds of pebbles.

Hydro Clay Pebbles Grow Medium - 5L 10L 25L & 50L Bags

These are a different brand, though the pebbles look the same. However, these pebbles too offer the same qualities – all that you would normally expect from hydro clay growing medium in your aquaponics grow bed.

The pebbles in these 7.2/ 18/ 35 pound packages come in various sizes. But they all range between 8 and 16 mm. This is a really good shape and size. In addition, you also get a stacky pot – something you can use as an ornamental bed – just as long as you can water your plants in it.


And so you see – finding the right (read best and safest) hydro clay pebbles may be a bit of problem – but we have solved the problem by bringing you the best possible options right here. They serve all the purposes that you would normally expect of baked clay pebbles. And all you need to do is give them a good wash and then lay them in your grow bed… and then see how habitable these little nuggets make it for your plants!

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Hydro Clay Pebbles (Leca) Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 10 lbs. (More than 10 Liters) by PowerGrow Systems
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