Omnivorous Aquaponics Fish Feed For Your Aquaponics Fish!

As you know, an aquaponics system, when set up properly, is pretty much self-sustaining. The water gets cleaned by the closed system, which ensures that the fishes have a safe environment, and the plants have adequate nutrition. But the only thing that you need to care about is the fish food. You need to feed the fish yourself, and you need to do it on a daily basis. And for a balanced aquaponics system, you need to give your fish the right kind of feed. And to supply that need, we have brought you the Aquanourish Omnivorous Aquaponics Fish Feed.
When it comes to fish feed, what you give your fish is of utmost importance. Normally, this wouldn’t be all that important as long as it was nourishing your fish. But in the case of an aquaponics system, this becomes very important. Why, you may ask… this is because the waste that your fish produces is directly affected by the food you give them. And since this waste is what will go to nourish your plants, you need to be particularly careful.

Plants in aquaponics systems are often vulnerable to yellowing, or stunted growth or many other problems – and this is usually due to mineral deficiencies. So, the bottom line is that the food you give to your fish should be able to nourish both your fish as well as your plants. And this one is aimed towards just that!

Now for the basics about this fish feed… and first up – what fish is this feed good for? Well, this feed has been specially developed for the following species (and you will notice that most of them are quite suited to aquaponics systems):

  • Tilapia
  • Koi
  • Catfish
  • Bluegill
And this is not all – many fishes other than these species seem to love this food and benefit from it!

And now, if you are interested in the chemical makeup of this food, then here are the basics:

  • Protein – 40.00%
  • Fat – 9.60%
  • Ash – 8.70%
  • Fiber – 1.70%
In addition to the above, it also contains traces of vitamin C, which is again good for both your fish and your plants.

Now coming to the method of feeding:

  1. The pellets are about 1.7mm in size, and do not vary much.
  2. Use these to feed juvenile fish – stage 2 – and your fish should be in the size range of 2.5 to 4 inches.
  3. To feed, add a measured amount to the fish tank. The food pellets will float.
  4. Check after 5-10 minutes to see if the food is all gone. If it isn’t, then reduce the amount of food you add from the next day.
  5. Feed your fish 3 times in a day.
And of course, the food is perishable if it comes in contact with moisture, so store in a clean and dry place. Also make sure that the food isn’t touched by insects or rodents – so that your fish remain healthy!

Besides these basics, the two other things to note, and that should help you decide are:

  • Most people who fed it to their fish concur on the fact that their fish loved it!
  • Also, for a very reasonable price, you get a decent amount of fish feed…
It doesn’t really get any better than that, does it? So if you do decide on this one – go ahead and order it on Amazon today! Because once you do, you will have the best fish feed your money can buy for your aquaponics fish!

AquanourishOmnivorous Aquaponics Fish Feed

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