Why Indoor Aquaponics Is A Highly Plausible Idea!

The best thing about any Aquaponics system is its amazing adaptability. Since the plants are assured of food, and the fish habitat will be filtered automatically, these are pretty standard and low maintenance systems for rearing both fish and plants. And for those wanting to do this as a hobby or for growing simple herbs along with keeping ornamental fish, even space isn’t really a problem. Indoor Aquaponics systems range from the very small to the reasonably big in size – and you can do these even without having a yard or a greenhouse!

And now let’s take a look at a few considerations of having such a system…

Where can you keep such a system?

There is no limit to where you can keep it. If you have a table top mini Aquaponics system, you can keep it on a sunny windowsill, or even on your study table as long as some sunlight falls on it. In fact such systems can actually be easily made at home, and they are good for usually one fish, and one or two small herbs.

Photo Credit: Geek2Nurse via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Geek2Nurse via Compfight cc

However, for somewhat larger systems, they can be installed in basements, cellars, spare rooms or even garages. And while the presence of some sunlight is beneficial for the plants, it isn’t necessary so long as you have the right lighting. As for keeping them in a room that is already in use, you can utilize corners that aren’t being used.

The very next thing that comes to mind now is…

What can you grow in such a system?

You may think that the space is a little limiting, and let’s face it – it is. But it isn’t very limiting. For table top mini systems like the ones we mentioned earlier, you may be limited to lettuce heads or small herbs. But if you go for bigger indoor systems, you can even grow vegetables. It all depends on how much water as well as fish you have. And consequently, how much grow bed you have. If you are dedicating an entire room like a garage or a basement, then you will actually be able to set up a pretty large and thriving system!

Now let’s take a look at….

How to utilize space?

If you have a lot of space – like in a basement or a garage, then you can obviously make the most of that by placing the grow beds above the fish tanks. However, if space is short, you still need to make use of the same schematics – but just replace the tank with something more common. What many people do is take an existing aquarium, and install the rest of the system with it. This makes it easy to maintain the whole system and it also looks good!
And finally…

Photo Credit: Steven Vance via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Steven Vance via Compfight cc

What lighting to use?

As you know, you can actually maintain an Aquaponics system in a place where there is no sunlight at all. But the catch is in providing the light that the plants need to carry out photosynthesis – because otherwise they will die. However, with the use of the lights, you just need to keep in mind that some of the lights produce a lot of heat, and so there should be some air circulation in the room in question. And now for the light options:

  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Lights – LEDs are actually an economical option – they consume minimal energy and do not produce too much heat either. However, the initial cost is high, but they do last a very long time.

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights – if you are maintaining a large system and are in serious need of a lot of light energy, then these are the ones for you. But these are actually quite expensive and also produce a lot of heat. They ideally last about a year.

  • T5 Fluorescent Lights – these are neither expensive, nor do they produce much heat. But they do not have a very large range either. Also, they usually need to be replaced after 6 months or soon after.

Indoor Aquaponics, as you can see, is very much possible – just so long as you keep all the considerations in mind when planning it out and setting it up. And to that end, we thought of helping you with this information.

Why Indoor Aquaponics Is A Highly Plausible Idea!
Article Name
Why Indoor Aquaponics Is A Highly Plausible Idea!
So are you wondering if you can set up an Aquaponics system in the absence of a yard or garden? Well, read on to find out exactly how!

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